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We at Bosch Automotive Electronics create products with clear added value for our customers.

We are the largest manufacturer of MEMS technology, one of the biggest producers of semiconductors for mobility solutions and one of the driving forces behind the technology of IP modules.

Our worldwide customer base includes OEM, many well-known ECU producers in the mobility sector and, of course, Bosch internal clients.
Benefit from our smart and innovative portfolio by contacting us whenever you design advanced safety and comfort systems, or highly efficient powertrain electronics systems.


Bosch Sensortec is the technology leader in sensing solutions based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and dedicated to the consumer electronics world. Our success in MEMS sensors and solutions is built on a remarkable team driven by passion, innovation and flexibility.

We are passionate about improving people’s lifestyle and well-being through the MEMS technology – again and again, every day. We understand users’ needs and customers’ requirements. Find out more about the applications we make possible for smartphones, tablets, wearables, AR/VR, smart homes and the IoT.

We create innovative sensing solutions that enable consumer electronic devices to sense the world around us. Discover our sensor portfolio to learn more about our microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) products .

We are flexible in everything we do to globally support our customers. Have a look at our Bosch Sensortec Community to get answers to your questions about MEMS sensors and our diverse sensing solutions and to accelerate your projects.

We are a highly motivated team of visionaries, strategists, techies, troubleshooters and creators that forms the basis for our success in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and solutions. Learn more about our sensors, our working environment and careers at Bosch Sensortec.



Audio innovation.
Since the dawn of the digital information age, we have accessed information using our fingertips. But in today’s mobile world powered by billions of smart mobile devices, consumers are no longer held back by the limitations of just a touch interface.

Enter the voice connected world
At Cirrus Logic, our global workforce of more than 1,400 people thrive in a culture of innovation that is developing the world’s leading audio and voice ICs. With an emphasis on low power design expertise, Cirrus Logic’s world-class mixed-signal products bridge the analog world around us with the digital world of our technology.
What’s in your hand or pocket right now? Perhaps it’s a smartphone, tablet or a smart watch? Maybe you’re listening to music through a new generation of digital headsets? Each of these devices – all unique – rely on various levels of signal processing to make the magic happen: great audio, superior voice recognition, hi-fi playback.

In fact, for more than three decades Cirrus Logic has pioneered many of the great audio achievements in consumer electronics history.
From the first audio chips used in desktop PCs in the 1990s to the most cutting-edge products of today like digital headsets, audio innovation will always be our lifeblood.
Engineering drives our company, and innovation isn’t just encouraged – it’s expected! This is a culture where you get to work with some of the largest, most innovative customers and products on the planet on a daily basis and where everyone is a key contributor to the company’s success. There are no Miltons here!


We trace our roots to Chung Nam Company, a sole proprietorship founded in 1935 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Chong Ching Um at Hong Kong. In 1980s, group companies of CN Innovations ("CN Innovations" or "CNI Group") originated from the metal department of Chung Nam Company to a leading innovative material science company offering effective technical and supply chain solutions to major industries. Products and services which we provide include Conventional Metal Processing & Precision Stamping, Metal Injection Molding, Window Display, Touch Panels and Decorative Coating together with Functional Coating business.Continuous investment in R&D is one of main reasons of our success. Apart from setting up R&D center in China, USA, UK, and Switzerland, we also cooperate with the University of Oxford and The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology on various R&D projects.
 Our Headquarter locates at Hong Kong, and our main production sites spread across the Mainland China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Suzhou, employed with over 11,000 employees.
 We understand that human capital is an essential element of business growth and profitability, thus we are committed to provide employees with good working and living environment, competitive salary package and excellent career development platform, in order to develop and reinforce the valuable asset of the company. In respond to the rapid business growth, we organized graduate trainee program every year providing comprehensive training opportunities to fresh university graduate. In 2014, we initiated a national recruitment program and recruited over 100 university graduates from over 20 top tier universities in China.
 We offer excellent career development opportunities to anyone who shares our corporate values. If you agree with us, please do not hesitate to join us!

JonDeTech Sensors

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After thirteen years of research, JonDeTech possesses world-leading know-how in vertically configured nanotechnological IR sensors in plastic. Today’s product can measure heat radiation, which can be used for a number of different applications, including to make electronics and buildings more energy efficient. 
Research has begun in order to be able to develop applications in the future that will be able to extend battery times by generating power using, for example, body heat.

< JIRS30 >
For just over a decade, JonDeTech has researched a thermopile sensor sensor based on nanotechnology.The nanotechnology has enabled a vertical configuration of the sensor, instead of the traditional horizontal construction.
The advantages of a vertical structure are that the hot and cold surface in the sensor are separated from each other as they are on the front and back of the sensor, thus the entire active hot surface can be used for detection. The vertical configuration also provides the possibility of using direct contact with the sensor, which was previously not possible. The configuration not only enables the measurement of temperature, but also heatflux.
The sensor generates a direct, proportional voltage when exposed to infrared radiation. The sensor records wavelengths from 250 nm – 22.5 μm, i.e. visible light up to the mid-infrared range. 
Despite the vertical configuration, the sensor measures only 0.17 millimeters in height and is made mostly of plastic. This makes the sensor robust and can be used “naked” – completely without a protective casing, which conventional sensors need. This provides new possibilities in application design, which may redefine today’s view of how to use sensors in a range of different solutions. The idea of a bare sensor element can make the solution both more cost- and surface-efficient.

< JIRS40 >
The JIRS40 is a silicon-based IR sensor that is packaged and optimized for use in applications to measure a temperature at a distance or detect human presence. 
What does this actually mean? 
In a world where time and precision are of the utmost importance, the JIRS40 offers an invaluable solution for companies striving to improve their end products. This sensor has already been integrated with all the electronic components required for full functionality. 
So, what are the benefits of this? First of all, it saves time and resources for companies working in areas such as consumer electronics. Instead of spending valuable time integrating sensors manually, companies can focus on creating innovative and competitive products. This leads to faster development cycles and increased productivity.
But there is more. The JIRS40 is also versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Whether it’s monitoring temperature changes in your electronic devices or optimizing the energy consumption of your product, the JIRS40 is ready to deliver the data you need to take your business to the next level.
Simple, effective and reliable
So, if you are looking for a simple, efficient and reliable solution to improve your product, then JIRS40 is the right choice. It is a prepackaged sensor product that is ready to make a difference in your business and help you reach new heights. Give your product the edge it deserves with JIRS40, and experience a future where technology and performance go hand in hand.